Achieve enlightenment with buddhist meditation. Buddhist meditation is just one of the many approaches to meditation that can help lower your stress levels, give you an improved outlook on life and enhance your health and well-being, both mental and physical. To understand Buddhist meditation techniques, you first need to know a bit about the Buddhist religion.

The first precept of Buddhism is that human beings need to realize that the suffering that takes place in the world occurs due to our ignorance and our desires. When we learn to understand ourselves, we will be able to discover a way to put an end to the suffering. Those who finally discover the answer have reached the state known as Nirvana. This is a pretty simplistic overview, but it sheds a bit of light on the practice of Buddhist meditation.

Achieve Enlightenment With Buddhist Meditation

There are a number of different Buddha meditation techniques. There are some significant variations among them; however they all have in common the desire to enhance a person’s concentration and mindfulness. We need to learn to pay focused attention to the movements of the body and to the constantly changing state of our thoughts. As we become more skilled at this, we will be able to realize our true inner selves. Part of the training involves learning to think more objectively. This skill allows for improved mental focus, enabling you to concentrate on a single thought or object exclusively.

Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. ~Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Some Buddhist meditation techniques place a greater emphasis on breathing, while others concentrate on movement. One of the most well-known styles of Buddhist meditation involves five techniques or methods that are used as the basis for a meditation session. Each method is employed to combat one of the five obstructions to Enlightenment, which are distraction, hatred, craving, conceit and ignorance. Achieve Enlightenment With Buddhist Meditation. Here’s a look at these five methods.

1. Mindfulness of breathing. Achieve Enlightenment With Buddhism. This is one of the favorite methods for the practice of tranquility meditation. This technique assists in fighting the tendency to distraction and improves the ability to concentrate.

2. Metta Bhavana. This method tackles the obstacle of hatred. It includes the four brahma viharas and its goal is to increase the capacity for loving kindness.

3. Contemplation of impermanence. This methodology works against the problem of craving. It instills inner peace and a sense of freedom.

4. Meditation of the six elements. By meditating on the earth, water, space, air, fire and consciousness elements, this medication technique defends against conceit and promotes self-awareness.

5. Contemplation of conditionality. Here ignorance is targeted, aiming to replace it with wisdom and compassion instead.

Of course, there are many other Buddhist meditation styles that don’t focus on these five methods. There are meditation routines that incorporate visualization, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and the five types of Zen Buddhist meditation techniques, to name just a few.